What we do


Adding value to homes, making them mortgageable, but more importantly, livable.


Providing affordable letting options for those in need of a place to call home.


Enabling people to invest in the living comfort of others.

Investing in living

“Investing in living” is something that is in the core of Whetstone Real Estate. We want to make sure that as much people as possible can have a roof over their head. A roof which they can call home. A place where they feel warm and safe and where they can enjoy both the bigger and smaller things in life. A place where memories are created and where love prospers. A place where life can truly be lived.

We take homes which are not homes yet. Those homes get the right kind of attention and love, to restore them to their former glory. After that, they are either passed to a new owner, or are rented out to their new temporary owner.

We are part of a network of professionals that help with the refurbishment of the homes, as well as investors that agree with our mission to invest in the living of others.

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